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What's Up?

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What's up?
This is where you can check out What's up with Middle School GT members.
Just leave your comments in the What's up box!
Hi everyone. Just wanted to say I am excited to meet everyone! Can't wait for the next Get Together! ~Cara

Hi Cara, thanks for organizing the fun events.  We haven't been
able to make any yet, but hope to maybe in December.  Is there any girls
in the group who live in North Pinellas County?  Miranda would like to
meet more girls up this way.

hey this song is wwwaaaaayyyyy cccoooolllll and this website
is cccccccoooooooolllllllllll. ~BrandonK Age,12



Here is our What's Up box. Leave your comments. Ask a question? Tell us a little bit about yourself! This is an open forum, but is moderated to protect everyone. So send us your thoughts and then check back to see if you have a response. We look forward to hearing from you!

What's up?
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